Get The Look


 Simple festival flowers for a cute and relaxed look.

  •  Apply your base using the rounded sides of
    the Blending Sponge. Lightly rolling and pressing
    into the skin for a flawless finish.

  • Use the pointed tip of the Blending Sponge to apply
    and blend your concealer to the under eye area.

  • Apply a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks
    using the rounded base of the Blending Sponge.

  • Finish and set your makeup with a sweeping of powder
    or bronzer using the Neon Tip Kabuki.

  • Create the petals of your flowers using the angle of
    the Large Artist Brush and your choice of face paint.

  • Fill in the centre of the flowers in a lighter colour using
    the Fine Tapered Artist Brush.

  • Finally fill and shape your brows using the Angled
    Eyebrow Brush.




 Sparkle and shine with this quick and easy look.

  •  Apply a thin layer of vaseline or similar products to the
    under eye area using the Large Angled Artist Brush.

  • Using the same brush, dab and press loose pigment or
    glitter on top of the vaseline under the eye.

  • Apply more layers to build up the intensity as desired.


 Pastel wash bold brows with an ombre finish.

  •  Brush the brows upwards. Using the Large Oval Artist
    , apply a light pastel wash to both brows.

  • Use the Fine Tapered Artist Brush to define the base
    of the brows in the darkest colour of your ombre fade.

  • Fill in and blend the darker and lighter colours together
    using the Angled Brow Brush.

  • Tidy up the edges of the brows with the Oval Concealer
     and your chosen concealer to get a perfect finish.



 Bright, bold eyes and body paint.
  •  Using a Blending Sponge, apply body paint from the
    chest up to the point where your neck and chin meet.

  • Apply a strong colour all over the lid of the eye using the
    Cream Eyeshadow Brush. Blend and apply more layers
    for added intensity.

  • Take the Precision Crease Brush to apply a darker
    colour to the crease of the eye. Blend and smoke it out
    right to the inner and outer eye.

  • Finish by applying the base eye colour to the lower lash
    line using the Flat Top Definer Brush for added control.



Hot Summer look - bright, colourful eyes and nude lips.
  • Apply your base eye colour across the entire lid of the
    eye using the Cream Eyeshadow Brush. Build up the
    colour to a bright intensity.

  • Using the Small Oval Artist Brush, apply a contrasting
    colour to the eye crease, blending and smoking out.

  • Define the lower lash line with the Flat Top Definer
    in another contrasting colour. Finish with a slick
    of the same colour kohl on the waterline.

  • Finally contour the cheekbones using the Small
    Contour Brush, 
    building the product and blending out
    towards the hairline.